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General Information

Propst Farm in front of main barnYoung Rockhounds getting dirty at Propst Farm

Temporary digging is allowed in this area until March. This is right when you pull in.

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This area is easily accessible for the younger hounds.

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The back area (WITH THE BIG HOLES) is OFF LIMITS. There is NO TRESPASSING at all.

We hope to add more to this as time passes.

Click What to Bring for information on some of the tools or items you may want to consider.

Check out the Gallery page for pictures of the area and specimens.

Always remember to pick up after yourself and not leave trash and garbage behind.

Main mining area in back at Propst Farm One of the many holes at Propst Farm

You can see the piles from other holes in the back part of the property where most of the digging occurs.

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The back is filled with many large holes. Safety First

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